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12 November 2010 @ 08:19 pm

Layout made by: ruthenia_alba @ mintyapple,
Header by: yours truly / pic taken from Zerochan, so I don't know who to credit ):
Lyrics: This is the interesting part!

Altogether they are from 4 different songs, and all from bands/aritsts I love. I don't think that all of these songs are so well-known, whatsoever, so if you manage to figure out which songs were included, I'll be impressed. ♥

I thought of changing the entire CSS at first, but then it seemed to work out with the altered bg and the new header, so I only changed the userpic/community image. I actually pretty much love how this turned out, though I'm not the one to credit with the "main" job. :P

But, still, this layout is a bit hyprocritical, because I've only seen two eps of Nurarihyon so far, LOL. Anyway, I'll explain later why I chose Yuki Onna and Nura as the main theme. (I actually wanted it to focus only on Yuki Onna, but this was the best picture I found of her, and it was this OTP. Hurr, I like it anyway. Moreover, I wanted to make it look a bit snowy/cold, given it's winter already.)


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19 September 2010 @ 09:13 pm
Currently my whole life revolves around school (and the like), so this post will revolve around school, as well. ;p Not. I'll rant about my current obsessions instead! It's not fun to rant about school, anyway.

I'm not really in animanga-mood nowadays, but! While waiting for Gossip Girl's new season to come out, I accidentally had the chance to check out the (very) first ep of Merlin while I was at my Dad's, long long time ago. There I was like "hmmm, interestingggg", so a few weeks later, ((when I finally remembered I had something to DL)), I got my hands on the first season, and got hooked in an instant. I'll take Merlin over Gossip Girl anytime, seriously.

Even my parents like it, ahaha. My mother doesn't really like fantasy, but when I told her it had to do with King Arthur and Merlin, she joined my party. /o/ (As for my father, he is a fantasy-addict, so, yeah.) I don't remember watching a mediaval fantasy series before, but AGGGH. Merlin took over my life, and now, in the veryveryvery small free time I have, I'm doing my best catching up with all the Merlin (and Arthur, obviously *g*) goodness out there.

Even moar Merlin-fangirling.Collapse )

Book-wise I'm reading About a Boy by Nick Hornby. I have 10 pages to finish, and then I shall watch the movie. ~ Anywho, I like(d) it a lot. I remembered some days ago that I had wanted to read it, I just kept forgetting (orz), but then something came over me and I started searching for it like crazy. oAo And didn't find it - but my mother did. Guess I'll have to get my hands on the other Nick Hornby books out there? (I know we have at least one more book by him, and I'll definitely read that after About a Boy.)

And music-wise I'm a KOKIA-fangirl right now. Too much, actually. I even got one of my Jap course-buddies addicted. ;D At least now I have somebody to go with to the concert LOL.
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11 August 2010 @ 09:57 pm
Because we need to wake at 3 a.m. to get going, I've decided to watch anime all night, and not sleep, at all. I can rest during the 8-hour journey, after all! And I have so much catching up to do, that it's the right decision, yarr. ~

So, first comes UraBoku. Tsukumo is just so moe that I'm going to get nosebleeds, though I'm pretty sure that's physically impossible? 8D I just love that show, haha. <3 Mostly because of Tsukumo and the epic seiyuu. How come Suwabe Junichi isn't voicing anyone? Oh, well, it still isn't late. BUT! Hino Satoshi does have a role, fufu. Shirou-kunnnnnnn! And I'm also amazed that Miki Shinichirou is Tachibana, I mean WTF? How can he be both him and Hijikata? It's just SO different. (I guess that means he is darn talented, as well.)

Talking about UraBoku, isn't it scary how creators have this "silent guy x sweets"-fetish? First Shiki, now Tsukumo. Not that I can complain, I love both. <3

There is a thread on MAL where people discuss who the best voice actors for Teru and Kurosaki would be IF Dengeki got animated, and someone mentioned Suwabe (yes, my first thought exactly lolol), Miyano (not that much) and NakaYuu. AHH, I never thought of NakaYuu, but he would fit Kurosaki so well! /end Dengeki-fangirling

I also love how Ono Daisuke uses his Shizou-voice when he is threatening Izaya Tachibana, haha.
... I think this post is useless.

Anyway, I'm off to Croatia for a week. I'll be MIA till then.
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10 August 2010 @ 07:00 pm
Guess who will be playing 蒼天の彼方 all night today. 8D I actually got it working, ALTHOUGH it was a pain in the @ss, tbh. AGTH didn't hook it somehow, so I created a plain shortcut and added the .exe file to it, and then inserted the AGTH parameters. So, now it's working. Though, I figured, I don't really need it much, so =w=. Whatever. At least I don't need to look up the kanji.

Also, it has a totally epic menu, srsly. Look at this:

Screenie.Collapse )

I was lost at first, but now that I understand how it goes, it's all kinds of awesome. It is said that Garnet Cradle has a similar menu/scene selection-thingy, BUT I don't have that installed, yet, so idk. We'll see. I should finish 蒼天の彼方, Bloody Call and Starry Sky before starting Garnet, so, uh. That's like 100 years away, especially since Souten is OMIGOSH long. No, seriously.

Also, I accidentally went down the tsundere childhood friend's route, so I don't get to do the mysterious silent chara's route for now. And I'm too lazy to reset, BUT I CAN SAVE. YES, finally! I almost cried tears of joy when I figured there was finally an otome game where I could save without any bugs and the like. /happy

I'll be enjoying (?) my vacation from Thursday till next Tuesday/Wednesday (don't remember), so I won't be able to log on AND PLAY OTOME GAMES, NO T_T. Alas, I'm going to buy anime magazines tomorrow to read while I'm away. Even if I can't please the inner otome-fangirl, at least I can try to please the inner ordinary anime-fangirl. D:
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05 August 2010 @ 02:47 pm
So, first of all, here's a big thanks to laidbacktionist  for helping me out with the Hitsuji de Oyasumi series: now I can fangirl with all my might. ;D I can imagine what my neighbours are thinking of me right now. After all, they keep hearing various male voices coming from my room from time to time, and some of them sound pretty pervy (Suwabe Junichi ~ ?). xD Whatever!

羊でおやすみシリーズ ramblings. ~Collapse )

On another seiyuu- / music-related note, I got my hands on some great loot, thanks to Hibiki. Hakuouki OST, Character songs, rawr. Shounen Onmyouji character songs. 8D And Lil'B also released a new single, so I'm happppy. Yamapi, too, and it's REALLY good, imo. Though "One in a million" reminded me of another song, so I thought he was doing a cover and I was soo looking forward to his engrish. Sorry, I'm mean. xD Both singles are so great, that I don't know what to listen to: these or seiyuu counting sheep. Or character songs. OH THE DILEMMA.

Yui's new CD is good, too, though I'm surprised that she sang I do it. I mean, she wrote that song for Stereopony, in the first place, no? So, uh. Not weird. But still impressive CD there. <3 Okay, I'll end my fangirling here, or I'll end up praising a hundred artists, haha.

Edit: I've just finished Kugami's good end, and after learning the name of Secret Chara-san, I'll be SO disappointed if he is not related to Kain. :|
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